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Step-by-Step guide to Creating a WorkFlow to Send an Email

Using workflows to send an email can help deliver something of value, confirm a recent opt-in, or follow up with a new lead.  This can help to turn a lead into a contact.

A workflow automates this process and can be triggered by a lead reaching a specific step, making a purchase, opting in, or several other triggers.

In a previous version of ClickFunnels, email-sending workflows were known as ‘Follow-Up Funnels.’  Since workflows can be used for various tasks, this version of ClickFunnels uses the name ‘Workflow’.

Step by Step Walk Through:

  1. From the left side menu, click on Marketing.

2. Click on Workflows.

3. Click on Add New Workflow.

4. Add a Name for your Workflow.
5. For the Run type, you can select:

  • Multiple runs per contact (simultaneously). It will run the workflow every time it is triggered, even if this happens simultaneously with another run for the same contact.
  • Multiple runs per contact (back to back). It will wait for the first workflow to finish before starting the next one.
  • Only one run per contact. It will run the workflow only once for a given email address
  • Click Create Workflow when you are finished.
  • You will be taken to the Workflow layout page.
  • Click on No trigger set to select a trigger.
  • Click on Add a trigger.
  • It is recommended to leave the Workflow inactive until you have it fully set up.  This is to avoid sending the workflow before it is ready.
  • The Event Type lists potential triggering events for the workflow (adding or removing a contact tag, a successful purchase, a successful opt-in, or a pageview following an opt-in)
  •  Select the Funnel and page where you want to trigger your event from.
  • Click on Create Trigger once you have completed these steps.
  • If you want this workflow triggered by another event, you can choose the Add a Trigger button again.
  • You can edit your existing trigger with the edit button or activate it with the toggle to the right of the trigger.
  • When satisfied with your triggers, click Close to close the popup window.
  • Click the plus button following the Workflow Triggers window to add an event.
  • There are several options for what events you can set up, but in this video, we will use Click Send Email to set up this email event.
  • Add a name for your email.
  • Select a template.
  • If you want to customize this template, click the checkbox for Design email.
  • Add a Subject.
  • Add a pre-headline.
  • Select the From Address. 
  • Click on Create Step.
  • You will be taken to an edit page where you can edit your email template.
  • Click on Save and exit when finished.
  • If you want to send a second email, we can add a Delay event by clicking on the plus sign after our example email.
  • Click on the Delay event.
  • Set the delay to minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, or even years after the first email is sent. Click Create when finished.
  • Congratulations! Now you know how to create a Workflow to send an email.